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Birthdate:Oct 7
Location:Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, United States of America
Converted this journal to be solely about RP. Not like it wasn't already, but now it's official.

Currently playing (MU*):
  • Leo Sachsenring and Xianbao @ FFMUSH
  • Yanagi Chikafuji @ Persona MUSH

Formerly played (MU*):
  • Formerly @ FFMUSH: Quina Quen, Gestahl, Jin
  • Formerly @ M3: Mainframe Octopus, Jessica Blakesly, Dynamo Man, Dr. Cain, Quint, Rafflesian, Synth, Liquor Man, Amphibious Man (temp, IO2), Roll, Gate, Molly Ribbita, Alia, Justice Stag, Wind Man, Eli Molay, Songbird Lee, King, Botos, Pallette, Avalanche, Thunder Man, Survivor Tofu, Trinary Kappa, Flame Stag (temp), Coconut, Higure Higsby, Spiral Pegasus, Denise Marmalade, Dark Miyabi
  • Formerly @ Persona MUSH: Fuuka Yamagishi, Daiki Takahashi
  • Formerly @ SRT: Penchinon
  • Formerly @ GateMUSH: Mishra, Noland, Claudio Kilgannon, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Maanzehoon
  • Formerly @ Videoland: Eggplant Wizard; Nohman, Kuros, Pichu, Koal, Space Invaders, Meta Knight, Veran, Bang, Dycedarg Beoulve; Bugs Bunny (temp, Riftripper TP)

Interests (12):

final fantasy, final fantasy mush, final fantasy xiv, m3, mega man mush, minecraft, mushing, persona mush, pmush, rift, roleplaying, rp
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